Trading Conditions

Commissions and Swaps Notice

“TBILISI TRADERS CLUB LLC” shall charge the following commissions and swaps:

For clients who choose trading platform HDFOREX TRADER the volume commission will be charged in the primary currency of their accounts for each opening and closing trade. Commissions are charged for trading turnover in the equivalent of USD and listed below in USD per 100 000 USD volume traded.

Commission Schedule
Deposit (USD equivalent) Currency pairs and CFD Gold and Silver
< 3000 9 13.5
3000 - 10 000 8 12.5
10 000 - 50 000 6 9
> 50 000 Individual Individual

For clients who choose trading platform MT4 the volume commission will not be applied. Instead they will get spread markup of up to 1 pip for every bid and ask price of any instrument quoted in ECN. Total spread markup will not be higher than 2 pips.

No commissions are charged from the clients who use HD BINARY trading platform.

“TBILISI TRADERS CLUB LLC” ‘s rollover policy applied to the customers accounts is determined dynamically according to Trading Activity during last 30 days which is calculated by the following formula. Current swap rates for every instrument traded are listed on the website.

Trading Activity = Volume Traded / Volume Traded + Overnight Volume * 100%

Rollover Procedure

Rollover is daily procedure which aims to adjust any existing exposure to the next trading day. It is also known as “carry” or “overnight settlement swap”. The rollover process occurs at 21:00/22:00 GMT depending on summer or winter time. All opened positions are closed at settlement price for the past trading day and simultaneously opened at the settlement price for the new trading day with adjustment for appropriate overnight fee. In the report section this operation is labeled as "rollover close" and "rollover open" respectively.

Rollover Updates

Overnight swap prices are commonly based on the central bank reference rates shown in the table below. Overnight swap rates change with changes in the interest rate differentials of the two currencies involved. However, HDFOREX updates its own rates on the basis of interbank market overnight swaps. Following central bank target rates are used by HDFOREX to set up its overnight policy. It must be noted that additional costs are added to the rates by HDFOREX.

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