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HDFOREX offers technical solution called Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) for investors willing to appoint fund manager or trader on their account. PAMM solution allows traders and fund managers to manage unlimited amount of investor’s accounts on single trading platform. HDFOREX provides transparent and easy to use environment which is based on following principles:

Trading on unlimited ECN liquidity wich allows trading on institutional size accounts with the limit of the position/exposure in one instrument equal to 25 mio of base currency.

– State-of-the-art professional trading platform
– Variety trading orders including stop-loss and limit orders
– Advanced and Transparent PAMM environment
– Facilities for payments between clients and traders
– Individual Stop Loss Level for each managed account
– Professional reporting for clients and traders.

How does PAMM work?

Clients of HDFOREX are able to appoint a trader on their account to manage funds. It is done by opening managed account at HDFOREX by investor. On the other hand trader have to open PAMM account which is done by simply filling up an application form for PAMM account on our web site. Next step is to connect managed account with PAMM account of trader via back office of each participant.

What is the Functionality of PAMM?

– Funds and accounts can be added and/or removed without interruption of trading activity;
– Limitless number of accounts can be managed via one single platform;
– Immediate trade allocation between managed accounts.
– Advanced reporting and a wide range of risk management tools in combination with transparent structure of PAMM and unique access to ECN liquidity create perfect investment solution.


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