In the category of energy commodities HDForex offers to its clients to trade CFD’s where underlying assets are futures contracts on WTI oil – Texas light crude oil produced in the United States – and UK Oil – it is BRENT crude oil produced in UK . Those futures contracts are originally traded on New York Mercantile Exchange NYMEX and ICE. Those contracts are characterized by high liquidity and volatility (both historical and intraday) that allows you to generate profits for speculative traders as well as for those who want to trade in the medium term. Commercial oil contracts also carried out in lots. Standard amount of the underlying asset is 1 futures contract.

In the category of precious and industrial metals HDForex offers four basic asset – spot prices of gold, platinum, palladium and copper. The cost of one point is equal to one cent, and trade is conducted in lots. The volume of the lot varies depending on the underlying asset. In the case of gold, 1 lot containing 100 ounces, and thus when the metal price in 1220 dollars per troy ounce volume of 1 lot is 122,000 USD.

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