Deposit insurance


Trading without loss has become a reality! You can insure a deposit of 25% to 100%. If there is an insurance case and you lose part of the deposit, then you’re back to your trading account of the insured amount.

In order to get the compensation from the company client has to meet the following criteria:

  1. Trading turnover should be met. It depends on the amount of insurance and measured in lots. 1 lot equals to 1 million USD or its equivalent in the base currency of the account.
  2. The insurance case should occur during the term of the insurance “police”.

After the deposit insurance you will be able to use the most aggressive strategies; in case you cross to the insurance case you get the reimbursement on your trading account. Trading without risk is possible only with HDForex!


The amount of insurance is free. Insurance Example: You have an account with $5,000 and decide to insure a deposit of 50% ($ 2500). In case of insurance accident HDForex will pay $ 2500.



$ 10 000 25 %                 $ 2 500 32 Lot
$ 10 000 50 % $ 5 000 65 Lot
$ 10 000 75 % $ 7 500 130 Lot
$ 10 000 100 % $ 10 000 260 Lot




Terms and conditions of insurance:

  • The insurance period is 1 year.
  • The minimum insurance money amount: $ 3,000.
  • The maximum amount of insurance: without limitation.
  • 3000 $ -5000 $ 25% and 50% of the amount will be paid. 5000$ -10 000 – the amount of 25%, 50% and 75%. 10 000 dollars from the top of the 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Insurance case occurred, if the client’s balance sheet will remain insured amount ‘s 10% or less.
  • The maximum insurance financial leverage is 1: 300.
  • If the client has the necessary insurance upon occurrence of lots traded by less than 50%, it will not be counted.
  • Ensurance action can be cancelled in case if Trader reduce live deposit until insurance accident
  • If the client has a trading volume of 50% or more of the required amount of lots, can be compensated for the following conditions:
  1. If the client has a 50% to 70% of the number of lots, the trading account will be charged 30% of the insured amount.
  2. If the client has a 70% to 90% of the number of lots, the trading account will be charged 40% of the insured amount.
  3. If the client has a 90% to 99% of the number of lots, the trading account will be charged 50% of the insured amount.
  • The insurance amount will be credited to the account, applied to 5 working days.


Deposit insurance is available for all types of accounts: SELF and PAMM.

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